The Golden Rules: A Divine Sketchbook

The Golden Rules: A Divine Sketchbook (2014) is the new and improved edition of The Golden Rules (2008). The sketchbook contains grids based on the Golden Proportions, a dimensional relationship that has fascinated designers, architects and artists with its promise of aesthetic perfection. With the use of this sketchbook, drawings are inherently guided by the grids and thus by extension the ideal proportions of the golden ratio.




The latest version has several new features:

  • A summary of the mathematical concept of the golden ratio
  • A lovingly researched 6-page timeline tracing the history of the golden ratio across famous artefacts
  • A vertical annual calendar perfect for project planning and time management
  • A spine that opens flat for ease of drawing and writing
  • 200 over pages of The Golden Rules grid in smooth 100gsm paper exquisitely lined in metallic gold



The first edition of The Golden Rules (below) was printed in 2008 to much interest across many fields.