La Triennale di Milano

Instruments of Beauty” a collection of brass mathematical instruments by OLIVIA LEE was presented at the prestigious La Triennale di Milano between 14-19 April. OLIVIA was among 15 Singapore designers handpicked for the Singaporean showcase entitled The Alchemists at Milan Design Week 2015.














15 talents from Singapore explore the magic in design through the looking glass of a new alchemy: a selection of tools and objects inspired by the alchemical process of transforming substances such as lead into gold.

The ‘Alchemist’ is a nod to the Italian movement of the 1970s, Studio Alchimia, whose members’ experimental design pieces resulted in a design language and creativity that challenged the status quo. It was a radical design movement that pushed the boundaries of design, and changed the global design landscape for the future.

The title also aims to convey a seemingly magical element, or role, that exists in the act of designing or making. The alchemist of yesteryear dedicated their life to the transformation of materials, from the ordinary to the precious, most commonly from metal into gold. The starting point for The Alchemist project was ‘the designer as alchemist: what can be designed by applying the process of transmutation?’

A new generation of designers from Singapore embarked on a creative investigation through design – of language, mythologies, and philosophies. The Alchemist project is curated by Italian editor, writer and designer Stefano Casciani, and co-curated by designer Patrick Chia, who is also the founding director of Singapore’s Design Incubation Centre.

The Alchemist showcase is the result of a lecture and workshop series. These design prototypes will be shown in a 5 day exhibition at the Triennale di Milano in April 2015. 


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